What is TEDxWindsor?

TEDxWindsor is a local, non-profit, community-driven event that aims to create, inspire, and spark new collaborations throughout Windsor-Essex.

This year’s theme explores The Systems of Everything.


Who is TEDxWindsor for?

TEDxWindsor is for creators, students, entrepreneurs, dreamers, teachers, professionals, artists, amateurs, dancers, business owners, do-ers and the go-getters.  TEDxWindsor welcomes everyone.  You should join us.

Why TEDxWindsor?

Because there’s no other event like it in Windsor-Essex!  The focus of our events is to Create Conversations and Collaborations. Magic happens when you bring people together. We’re here to foster those connections.

When is it?

June 8, 2019 at the St. Clair Centre of the Arts on Riverside.


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