TEDxWindsor 2019 Speakers

James Cowper (@Cowpernicus) has been an innovative elementary administrator for 17 years. “Am I In Trouble?” – Tales from the Principal’s Office – is his conversation on the work of building a culture of critical thinking in schools....

Jen Oliver

Jen Oliver is the Author of the International best selling book, The Love FitMama Way and creator of the FitMama Podcast, the Work IN to your workout. Through safe core fitness, self-care and mindfulness she supports moms to embrace, nurture and enjoy their motherhood...

Bobby Umar

Bobby Umar Bobby, who runs several “Power of Connection” branded initiatives through his company Raeallan (www.raeallan.com), takes on the task of convincing everyone, (yes, even the hug haters!), to change the world for better in 20 seconds. By understanding our...

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